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Nikko is one of the oldest religious and pilgrimage centers in Japan. The main attraction is the Shinto sanctuary, the Toshogu Temple Complex. The complex consists of several temples. Honden is the main hall of the sanctuary, the bronze Khodo pagoda, and Rinnoji temple which is considered the largest wooden structure in Nikko. It is in this temple that the famous Hall of the Three Buddhas (the three-meter statues of the holy Buddhist pantheon) is located. The city of Nikko is a part of the national park of the same name with picturesque mountain views, the rich trout filled Lake Chuzenji and the view of the 100-meter waterfall Kagon. You will get acquainted with the conditions of life of the princes and samurai of the Middle Ages. Ninja House hosts demonstration battles by representatives of this once popular profession in Japan and has a stage platform where actors from the Kabuki Theater perform. 

The main tourist sites:
1. Toshogu Shrine
2. Waterfall Kegon
3. Edo Open Air Museum


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