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Kyoto set tour

Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, has been the residence of emperors for thousands of years.
The architectural features of this city are difficult to convey in a nutshell. The number of buildings in the traditional Japanese style is impressive. These are tea houses, pagodas, and pavilions. Among them are many wooden structures, which is usually not typical of the cities of millionaires.
The Kyoto Gion neighborhood is widely known, the streets of which are still famous for their tea houses. Here you can see the geisha going to work.
The most impressive places to visit:
1) Golden Pavilion (Kinkaku-ji.)
2) Stone Garden (Roan-ji.)
3)Sanctuary (Fushimi-Inari.)
4)Temple (Kiyomizu Dera)
5) Bamboo Forest. (Arasiyama)
6) Imperial Palace. (Kyoto Gosho)
7)Castle (Nijo)



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