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Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park is one of the most visited tourist areas in Japan. Hakone is a giant depression of an extinct volcano which now houses the mountain lake Ashinoko and the area around Mount Fuji. In Hakone, there are many museums, aerial cableways, helicopter rides, fashionable hotels and entire bath complexes, a Shinto Dragon Temple, pleasure boats, gourmet restaurants, souvenir shops, hydrogen sulfide hot springs, magnificent nature and clean mountain air. On the cable car with fascinating view of Mount Fuji, we climb to Ovakudani, “Valley of Geysers.” This is a volcanic area with sulfuric lakes where the water temperature reaches 100 degrees Celsius. For a better impression, the Japanese came up with cooking eggs in these lakes, in 5 minutes the white shell of the egg becomes black. Inside it is completely edible hard-boiled egg. Eat one egg and you will have 7 years of life. The shore of Lake Asi is a favorite Japanese place to admire Mt. Fuji. On a clear day, the mountain is reflected in the calm waters of the lake as in a mirror. Thanks to the many underground hot springs, you can enjoy the hospitality of all kinds of Japanese baths.

The main tourist sites:
1. Dragon Temple
2. Pirate ship
3. Climbing the cable car to the valley of the Ovakudani geysers
4. The Museum of Sculpture in the open air with the Picasso collection (one of the ten most visited places in Japan)


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